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Friday, March 19, 2010

Why do you visit a particular blog?-The Poll Results Are In!

I asked visitors to to click on a poll and leave comments about why they visit and become a follower of certain blogs.  The idea was to get some feedback from a few of you, in order to hear what you would most like The Greentiques Solution to concentrate on. Here are the results...

A whopping 50% of you stated you visit blogs for "fresh ideas".

Not far behind, 40% of you stated that you visit blogs mostly for the "tutorials".

A distant 3rd at 10%, people stated that they visit blogs for "expert advice".

A big thank you to those of you who participated in the survey.  If you have not noticed, I have added a couple tutorials recently and am working on some fresh ideas for all of you.  Keep up the good work out there!  Rory


Rita said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and also for your sweet comment. I appologize for just now finding the time to reply. I turned off my computer early last night and had errands to run first thing this morning.
I'm so glad that you understand what I'm trying to do. I see such beauty in these pieces. My husband always gasps at what I bring home. I just picked up a coffee table from someones curb last weekend and told my husband it's going in our living room...his reply "does it have too?". He knows now to trust my judgement because it'll look great when Im done with it.

Thanks again for following and adding me to your sidebar. This will be a first for me...I"M SO EXCITED!!

Rory-The Greentiques Solution Guy said...

Hi Rita, You are very welcome! You have a great blog and it is exactly what The Greentiques Solution is all about. It is a pleasure to have you as a follower and put you on my sidebar. It surprises me that this is first for you. I would think that there are several blogs out that that would do the same thing as I did. Try posting a list of special blogs you follow on your sidebar like I do and I bet many of those people would return the favor. Keep up the good work!