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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Greentiques Solution Weekly Editorial Post - Why Crafters Are Saving America

My first weekly editorial post of hopefully many to come is more of a thank you letter to fellow craftspeople.  It is because of the combined efforts of people like you that I think America is going to be just fine, even though there is still a lot of hard work to do.  In these days of a poor economy and high unemployment, many of us have gone back to our roots, learned to live simpler, and are supplementing our income with little more than our own 2 hands and a few basic materials.  It reminds me at times of how people managed to survive The Great Depression. People like crafters and craftspeople are learning to do more and more, with less and less, much like they did after the 1929 stock market crash.  During that time they spent less money, learned to be more frugal, made their own bed quilts and clothes, and fixed what they had instead of buying new, much like we all are today.  Now, some economists would say that americans spending less money is a terrible thing.  But I have to tell you,  I completely disagree.  It's not the amount of money that americans spend, it's where they spend it!  For instance, I get excited every time I see a fellow blogger who has puchased a $5 item at a garage sale and is able to fix it up and make some money with it, because I know that the entire $5 is helping the local economy.  But, I get annoyed when we spend $100 at "zmart" knowing that our $100 is going almost entirely and directly to China.  The other day I heard where China has the #1 growing economy in the world!  Anyway,  I love the fact that we have more and more  people every day like you, that are finding new ways to use old things, and are out there trying to handcraft their own income.  I think America will be fine because of it. Thank you all for working so hard and doing what you do.  Please allow me to return the favor by answering any questions you might have that might be within my area of expertise, such as antiques, furniture repair, chair caning, refinishing, woodworking or whatever.  It would be my pleasure to help.  Thank you again for being part of The Greentiques Solution.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

great post..we need to help each other and buy only handmade items to keep "our" economy thriving..besides..who doesn't love much more character and love went into them..:) have a great rest of your sunday.>)

Rory -The Greentiques Solution Guy said...

Thank you for your kind comment Cat. Keep up the good work.

Grover said...


Great Post I couldn't agree more. I am very excited about the potential out there for us craftspeople. It is my hope that I can make it a full time thing in the next few years. The work is hard and long sometimes but I get more satisfaction from 1 hour of building an item than I ever do in my day to day.


Tracey said...

I can't agree with you more, Rory...I think that even if the economy wasn't as bad as it's been, overspending is still never a good idea, especially as you said, sending our money to China. Thank you for your kind offer of advise on refinishing, etc. I will take you up on that soon!
Have a wonderful day!

Rory -The Greentiques Solution Guy said...

Thank you all for your comments. I am so glad that my first editorial is being well received. If any of you think that some of your follwers would also like to read this post and comment, feel free to pass it along.

Josh said...

Great post. I completely agree with you about keeping things local. If more people have this attitude, we can pull out of this slump. Keep up the good work!


Rory-The Greentiques Solution Guy said...

Thank you Josh, I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and read my post. Feel free to pass it along if you would like to. This particular editorial is a big part of what The Greentiques Solution is all about. Glad you liked it. Rory