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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday at The March ICA Show!

Beautiful weather here at the show.  We expect a huge crowd today.  Here are a few photos of our booth.  As you can tell, we have quite a few antique picture frames and mirrors.  It is sort of our specialty.  I take these old frames and repair them, then I faux finish them in a variety of colors.  Right now seafoam greens seem to be pretty hot sellers.
Here is a pic of a beautiful little vanity that Lee Ann and I tackled together.  It dates to about 1915 and has the original hardware.  We did a faux finish of distressed powder blue and white, with a soft white glaze.  We wanted this piece to be "over-the-top",  so Lee Ann upholstered the drawers with white satin. Inside the drawer padding she added dried french lavender.  Then she covered the seat in gray natural rabbit fur, from an old fur coat we recycled.  We displayed this vanity with some vintage jewlery and a tiara or two so that passer-bys could try on some of it and see themselves in the vanity mirror.  Watching people try on the tiara is pretty fun stuff.  We often ask them to do their best princess wave when they have the tiara on!  Check back later for more pictures.



nancy huggins said...

What a nice looking booth and looks like you have worked very hard..I am sure you will do good and I wish there was some resale shops near us...I miss going and looking at what a lot of others call junk and bringing it home and giving it a new life :)

Rory -The Greentiques Solution Guy said...

Hi Nancy, Thank you for the flattering compliments. Leea Ann and I pretty much create, restore, refinish, recycle, and upcycle, everything you see in the booth. It is tons of work, but we have never been able to quailfy ordering bulk from overseas in order to just make a few bucks. We find that this gives us booth it's own personality. Thank you for becoming a follower. I have entered you in the March drawing for the oven key. As for reale shops, if you should see something on y blog that interests you, let me know. I do on occasion ship. Some of our items can also be found on Etsy. Here is the link.

Thanks again, -Rory-