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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Artistry of Tamara Warren - Horses On Canvas

If any of you happened to read my blog my posts about the International Collectibles and Antiques Show in Charlotte, North Carolina this month you probably noticed in my booths that I have a large number of antique picture frames that I restore and sell.  This is how I met a budding artist by the name of Tamara Warren.  Tamara came to me looking for antique picture frames to put her paintings in.  She bought a couple of real nice ones that date back to the 1880s or so.  I cannot wait to see her paintings in my frames!
Tamara had little experience painting until recently, and she appears to have uncovered a hidden talent.  The painting above is called "Beating The Storm" and it is a work inprogress that is almost finished.  The second painting is called "Yellow Baby".  Both paintings are oils on canvas.  Tamara Warren does not yet have a blog, but I encouraged her to get one, so she can show off some more her work.  Meanwhile, I thought I might post a couple pictures for her so that some of my followers could enjoy them too.  -Rory-

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