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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Case You Missed It! My Restored Dining Room Table!

The photo in the page header right now is of a  wonderful old table I restored about a month ago, when I was just starting the blog and had only 1 or 2 followers.  Now, thanks to wonderful craftspeople like yourselves I am slowly but surely gaining more followers.  So for those of you that missed this picture before, I thought I would run it as a blog header for a little while.  If you would like to read the post on it, you can find it in the February 21, Old and Vintage Post section, located on the sidebar.  Later today, I will be posting Part 2 of  How To Refinish a Table.  So if you have a desire to learn how to produce a formal elegant finish on your dining room table, like I did on this one, make sure you check back later.  I will be showing the process I go through to strip old finish.  More later.  Rory


Tracey said...

One word, Rory - gorgeous! You did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing!


Rory-The Greentiques Solution Guy said...

Your welcome Tracey. I really pride myself on my formal finishes. Not many people do this kind of finish anymore because of the labor involved. No power tools were involved. It was done completely by hand. Thanks for being one of the few that appreciate this kind of work.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the table and love the grain of the wood..nicely done...mine needs refinishing...hint hint..;)

Rory-The Greentiques Solution Guy said...

Thank you Cat Nap,
The wood grain you noticed is mohogany. The table was originally very dark in color and the grain of the wood didn't show. After I stripped the wood, I just sanded it (no stain at all) and let the wood "speak" for itself to get that wondeful tiger srtriping effect. Glad you liked it.

Cindy Caraway said...

Hey Rory! Love that wood grain! Beautiful job on the table :D
I finally got my cooling fan installed in my computer and am slowly catching up with everyone again. I've nabbed some great vintage treasures lately - I'll have to share them once I get photos.
Keep up the great work!