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Monday, March 29, 2010

And The Winner Of The Earth Hour Giveaway Is.......

Classy Chassy!  Here is her contest winning comment on her Earth Hour plans.

"I found your blog at Cozy Little House - and joined as a follower. Love your ideas for repurposing, and I do that myself quite a bit!

Of course I would like to enter your contest, and for the Earth Hour Event, Mr. Wonderful and I will be having a quiet dinner alone, candles lit, our hand-crank radio playing soft romantic music from a classical radio station as we share some home made dessert wine we received as a gift from my brother in law! Can hardly wait! We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 22nd, and it's been a wonderful romance all week long! "

Classy will be receiving one of my handmade fleur di lis oven keys in the mail.  All she has to do now is tell me what kind of wood she prefers and where to send it. I will make one custom for her to go with the cabinets in her kitchen.  Now she will be able to pull out her hot oven rack with this fun key, instead of searching for potholders.
Congratulations Classy Chassy and thank you for entering!



ClassyChassy said...

Thanks for choosing my entry as the winner - I'm so excited to see what a neat creation you'll be sending me! It is really cute, and will come in handy - thanks again!

Chatty Crone said...

Congrats to you ClassyChassy - you lucky gal!

Angela said...

Congratulations Classy Chassy! You sure on lucky!