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Monday, March 1, 2010

March Oven Pull Giveaway!

Here is my first Greentique giveaway!   I make these by hand to be used in the kitchen.  I call them "Oven Keys". They are for pulling out your hot oven rack without burning your hands and pushing the rack back in when you are done.  I make them from small pieces of leftover wood, so the wood type varies. I often use walnut, maple, or oak.  The one you see pictured is solid maple. It is about 11" long and 3/4" thick. I sand these with 1000 grade or finer sandpaper, so they are incredibly smooth.  I then finish them with pure mineral oil, so that they are food safe.  They retail for $19 plus shipping.  In case you want one and don't want to wait for the drawing results, Lee Ann carries these in her Etsy store called The French Maids Place.  She has other fine things as well.  Visit her store at

To enter the contest, just leave a comment on any Greentique Solution post. I will hold a drawing at the end of the contest.  You can enter up to 1 time per day, so keep coming back daily to comment.  Good Luck!

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