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Monday, March 1, 2010

A Fondness For Old Locomotives

I can't tell you why I am so fond of old steam engines.  They certainly were not part of a "living green" lifestyle.  They were noisey.  Miles and miles of forest were plundered to clear way for the track, and to stoke the fires in these old monsters.  I doesn't make sense for me to like them at all.  Perhaps it is just the history behind them, often helping to pave a path to the west.  Perhaps it is all about the legends of cowboys and desperados stopping the train on horseback and galloping off with the payroll.  Or maybe it just brings to mind a particular Christmas one year, when I woke up and found a lionel set of my own under the tree
Whatever the reason I could not resist buying some small snapshots I found at a local flea market. Here are a few of the ones I had blown up into 8x10s.  I don't know if anyone out here appreciates these old photos like I do, but I am pretty taken with them.
But here is the problem.  Now that I have them, I really have no idea what to do with them.  Any suggestions?  I am sure they would look fabulous in a boys room,  but my boy raising days were over quite some time ago.  I am open to ideas.  If any of you have some thoughts, please post them.  I would be thrilled to hear from all of you.


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