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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sterling Silver Giveaway at The Greentiques Solution

Thats right.  In honor of Mother's Day I have decided to give away a sterling silver 22" neckchain. 

It is a single strand snake chain, shown here doubled up.  I will announce the lucky winner on Mother's Day.  Rules are simple.  To Enter:

1.)  Become a follower if you haven't already.

2.)  Comment on this post and tell me what 5 tools and/or supplies you use the most in your particular area of craftwork.  Whatever it is you use, I want to hear about it.  Everything from sewing needles to table saws, and fabric to wood.  I am looking for your 5 favorite items. Please be specific.   Brand names and model numbers are not required, but helpful. 

That's it.  I just want to know what you all are using out there, so I can better zero in on what I should be carrying in my online store.  I will be drawing the winner on Mom's Day, Sunday, May 9th.  Good Luck!



Christina said...

My top 5 materials are:

reclaimed wood
paint whatever is cheapest or from the oops bin
blue painters tape
salvaged furniture (usually from the curb)
sand paper

Donatella said...

My 5 are hammer, nails, paint, sand paper, spackle... already a follower...great prize!have a great weekend~

❦TattingChic said...

Tatting shuttle (aero brand)
crochet hook (size 14 or 15 yes, that tiny)
thread (Lizbeth brand usually size 20, 40 or 80)
scissors (Gingher scissors are my fave)
tatting pattern (Mary Konior was my fave designer)
hee hee does that all count? I hope so cuz that is one smashingly lovely piece you have there! :)

Rory said...

Great information. Thank you for commenting, You are all entered in the drawing. Rory

Rory said...

Donatella, Do you have a particular hammer you like to use? I have several in my shop, but my favorite is a 16oz Craftsman Claw Hammer I bought at Sears. Rory

suzieQ said...

my favorite tools? frog painter tape, Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, gorilla glue, goop, and my favorite hammer that my dad gave me. Love those pencils, HB soft

Cindy Caraway said...

HI Rory,
I hope I'm not too late :)
My five favorite tools are my bent nose pliers, Scoopeeze bead scoop, super sharp thread nippers, crimping tool for crimp beads and my beadmats (of which I have several colors). I absolutely cannot do without any of these things in my bead studio!