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Friday, April 9, 2010

Introducing Donatella Style and DustyLu-2 Fun Blogging Sisters

This post is about 2 fabulous sisters that are wayyy fun.  Everytime I visit one of their blogs I picture these 2 charachters laughing and enjoying each others company as they search through antique shops and second-hand stores.  They truely seem to have a great time together. 
The first sister is Donna.  She lives in southern California now, but was originally born in Italy.  That is her picture on the right, with the flower in her hair.  She writes a blog called Donatella Style.   It is about Home Decor, Recipes, and Family Living.  Her recent post about garden beauty and bringing a little bit of "indoors", "outdoors",  is one you should read.  Here is her link.  

 The second sister is Lu.  She is in the picture on the left with her family.  Looks like it was a pretty fun dinner by looking at them.  Lu's blog is called DustyLu.  I love the clean fresh look of it and her great eye for photography.  Her passions are Decorating, Styling, and Cooking.  Her current post showing a recipe for fresh red bell peppers is nothing short of mouth watering.  Give her a visit.  Her is her link.

Donna and Lu are 2 of those special kinds of bloggers that make you feel like one of the family.  They are a pleasure to be around.  I love this old pic of their mother in Italy, from 1958.

Isn't she fabulous?  I could not resist posting it.  Makes me want to buy a plane ticket back in time, to Italy.

Make sure you visit Donna and Lu.  They are the kinds of bloggers that will become your friends.



DustyLu said...

Oh my gosh Rory! That is so kind of you to post about my sister and I. Thank you, Thank you. You said such lovely things and what a special post! Your so sweet! I am calling my sister to check this out now. I am sure she hasnt seen this special post! I think you blog is fantastic full of great ideas, project and style. I am def going to do a post on your blog too. Thanks again! ~Lulu

Donatella said...

Rory! Your are the sweetest person in bloggville! Thank you so much for the post and the special kind word you spoke of, in regards to my family. You have a great blog. Full of ideas, projects and how to's. You are very intelligent and have alot of information to share. I will also do a post about you. My sister and I enjoy your post so much and look forward to them. We also showed our mother! LOVE, LOVE! Thank you again! Ciao, Donatella!

Rory-The Greentiques Solution Guy said...

The both of you are very welcome. It is because of great followers like yourselves that my little blog is growing so quickly. Have a terrific weekend.