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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

6th Published Photo Game

Donatella tagged me to be a part of a photo game.  To play the game you need to reach back into your archives and republish your 6th ever photo and explain how you might upate it or change it today.  My problem is that The Greentiques Solution is still only a couple of months old, so I am afraid I won't be reaching back very far, but here goes.  My 6th photo was part of a tutorial about how to refinish a table.

The post was entitiled How To Refinish A Table -Part 2- Stripping The Finish .  I am not sure I would change how I did this project, because my methods of refinishing have not changed since I posted this pic. However, I would probably change the way that I wrote the actual text.  In looking at this pic I now see potential links to products that I used back then.  I also could have done critiques on those products, or maybe even placed them in my online store so that readers could buy the exact same products that I use.  Right now, the store's inventory is limited to books, but I may have missed an opportunity to expand a little in looking at this picture.  I find myself learning more everyday, and each time I write something new.  Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me, as I make my way up the learning curve.  Rory

Now I guess I am supposed to tag 10 more great bloggers to join the game.  Here they are!


1 comment:

ClassyChassy said...

Well, here ya go - I joined in the game - I barely remember posting way back then - and it was only last year!!!